Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Capt. Wacky of Titanic 2

Our favorite billionaires Clive Palmer has launched his political campaign to take power In September and become Supreme Ruler Of Australia.
Speaking at a policy launch on the weekend Clive had some harsh words about our Welsh born Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the London born Leader of The Opposition Tony Abbott:
“You wonder how two people, both born outside Australia, in foreign countries, can relate to the people that live in this country,”“They don’t think about what it means to live in this country, to live and to die, and to stand for what it means to be Australian.”
Well there goes around one quarter of the countries votes with now nearly 6 million Aussies born abroad and another 3 million having at least one parent born elsewhere.
Palmer was speaking at the weekend launch of his campaign jet pictured above. 
 Alas, the Shuttle's intrepid sub editor Mildred Pierce donned her Amelia Earhart Memorial Flying Helmet and has uncovered Clive's patriotic fervor is not all it seems : the Bombarder jet dubbed Clive 1 is registered in a tax haven, the Isle Of Man.
Meanwhile those planning a joyous voyage on Clive's Titanic 2 can now view an interactive model of the ship and choose their cabin. Take note : it looks like there are the same number of lifeboats as the original!