Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mama Mia ! Maria & The Mafia

She's our favourite Italian import - the mammary gifted songstress Maria Venuti . Maria hosted a charity fundraiser for the very worthy Variety Club at the Finger Wharf and told the Shuttle of her plans to take Sicily by storm. She was born there some 73 65 years ago and plans to return with a group of wide-eyed Aussies for a tour around the fascinating history packed Mediterranean island.

"No, I know nothing of the Mafia" says Maria." we'll be having too much fun doing other things to worry about stuff like that." She assures me the tour will be an unforgettable 14 days of  the finest restaurants, wineries, chefs, beaches, and historic sites. You can be sure with Maria in charge there won't be one boring moment to be had. .
And helping her is her gorgeous daughter Bianca, pictured right with her mom.
Venuti's Sicilia runs from Saturday 22 June – Thursday 4 July 2013
For more detailed information, enquiries and bookings please contact Caterina at ATI Tours on +61 9798 0588 or visit

Maria & show-biz pals at the Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo for the Variety Club


  Here is our snap of movie star Ewan McGregor at the harbour-side launch for the new LG television set last Wednesday, or as he calls it : "a fucking good telly".
Doesn't he look handsome !