Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zegna Rules

As far as parties go it was a memorable event. Ermenigildo Zegna, the Italian fashion brand flew in 200 international fashion journalists and 40 staff from around Asia to celebrate along with 1000 local guests, 50 years of buying Australia's finest wool for their suits.

You can see the importance Zegna places upon their Aussie contacts : there were 2 entrances for guests. One for the bulk of guests and  a VIP black carpet for local show biz types, Hollywood movies stars like Chris Hemsworth and Asian movie stars Leon Lai and Daniel Henney and the farmers. They tend to be unsophisticated types with ruddy red faces from working the land and calloused hands but they really are the VIPs as far as the Zegna family are concerned. Count Paolo Zegna and his brother Gildo Zegna the CEO of the family company flitted from the VIPs to the farmers paying homage to both.

Only the Roya Hall of Industries in Moore Park could cope with this many guests which it did admirably with first a cocktail party section, an catwalk area and an after party room. Performing were Temper Trap and DJ’s Robyn Lawley and Alex Dimitriades. MC for the night was supermodel Megan Gale (she's a big star in Italy !).
 Amongst the guests : Kerri Anne Kennerley. Benji Marshall, David Campbell, George Negus and Kate Waterhouse.
Carla Zampatti and Alex Dimitriades
Gildo Zegna Megan Gale and Count Paolo Zegna
    Sandra Sully                         David & Lisa Campbell                                              Leon Lai

bales of that precious wool