Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yoko, Jagger, Vanity Fair & A Fashion Fail

People are gearing up for the under-whelming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that will be upon us next week.
Following the announcement that Qantas and the Emirates have joined forces, British Airways flew in model Georgia May Jagger on a promotional flight and she hit the runway at Mascot Airport to showcase the new British Airways 777 300ER jet.

Only 1st Class for Jagger
Georgia May demonstrates the
new Economy Class seats on BA
Jagger will be on the runway next week modelling for what has become a sort of Groundhog Day of Aussie fashion designers with the usual suspects showing off their wares. The brains behind Sydney's Fashion Week must feel international publicity isn't required this year having rejected, or ignored, a request from a Vanity Fair correspondent to cover the event. He's off to Melbourne and Hamilton Island instead, still puzzled why giving him a square foot of space at a few fashion parades was beyond the capabilities of the powers that be.
Meanwhile as a parting gift our Vanity Fair scribe has supplied us with some snaps of our favourite wacky Japanese artist Yoko Ono lighting up the Empire State Building in New York yesterday.

Yoko is ambassador for World Autism Awareness Day and over 3000 buildings are participating in an Light It Up Blue campaign to raise awareness about autism.