Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ultimate Pub Crawl

Run !!..don't walk
It's the champagne of choice in Hollywood : Champagne Piper Heidsieck want you to know they are in business in a big way in Australia so they held a fabulous progressive dinner through five of The Star's top venues to announce the renaissance of this fantastic drop.
The Shuttle was only too happy to accept the challenge- make our way through five courses and five different superb Piper Heidsieck vintage champagnes. In fact, this should happen more often- the stroll  between each of the great new restaurants in the billion dollar refurbished Star casino is the perfect way to work up an appetite and thirst. Honestly, the things we do for the sake of bringing a few social tales to the world !
Top foodie Lyndey Milan
     fondles Piper
guest in the grip of the
 grape, grips the grape

Fairfax Media wine expert Huon Hooke
    contemplates yet another
         glass of Piper.
Hugos owner David Evans & partner are
  happy to support Piper Heidsieck

nectar of the Gods