Monday, April 22, 2013

Lady Mary's NY Pad For Sale

Lady Mary Fairfax's former New York penthouse- the most prized in that city , is up for sale again for $125M US.

The 16 room palace at the top of the Pierre Hotel has sensational 360 degree views of the city and Central park. Lady Mary purchased the pad in 1986 and made a foray into New York society, eventually selling up for $21.5M in 1999, a record then for NY. In typical Fairfax style she departed New York for California in a brand new Rolls Royce purchased for the journey after doctors forbade her from flying for a fortnight after an eye operation.

After telling her trusted chauffeur they would ship the car back to Sydney , when he informed her it was a left hand drive rather than right hand, she said "oh well, we'll find some deserving charity in LA to donate It to and they can auction it".

Mary still lives in her home Fairwater  (left ) in Double Bay which is also the Monaco Consulate-Lady Fairfax is the Honorary Consul . She has donated Fairwater to the heritage Trust but all her employees must be allowed to live there for the rest for their lives.