Monday, April 22, 2013

Count Paola Zegna Jets into Sydney with 200 Pals

Chris Hemsworth            Daniel Henney                Megan Gale                Leon Lai

Eremenigildo Zegna CEO Count Paola Zegna (below with sheep) CEO of the famous family fashion brand has brought over 40 Zegna staff and a swag of over 200 Italian and international media with him to present a 50th year anniversary parade at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park tomorrow night.

The Zegna family have long courted Australia's ruddy faced wool farmers for their fine products and buy up all the best wool in the country. A host of diplomatic names and politicians will join celebrity, fashion and show business faces tomorrow night amongst a 1000 guests at an unforgettable party and catwalk fashion show that will feature movie star Chris Hemsworth and Chinese actors Leon Lai and Daniel Henney along with Megan Gale and dozens of local and international models. Wow !