Friday, March 8, 2013

Top Gear Host's Faux Outrage

They should be so lucky : to be invited back to Australia.
When Jeremy Clarkson from the UK's Top Gear show- the series that fills a studio with people who can't afford the cars the presenters demonstrate, and mercilessly demeans the ones they can afford, you know the show has a limited shelf life.

Top Gear was never that popular in Oz and it's probably on it's last legs in the UK. Nothing could illustrate that more than the shenanigans at Otto's last night. When the Shuttle received an invite to attend a press conference that day for the show, we binned it as just a repeat of the same old stuff.

As Clarkson and friends arrived at the Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo last night their attempt to brew a controversy over the paparazzi was a sad sight. If you want privacy you don't go to the Finger Wharf. The snappers prowl there every day and night
But it was Clarkson's actions that gave the game away as he confronted one of the lensmen who continues to claim his snaps fetch $50,000 a piece (even though he was recently bankrupted). Clarkson knew the reptile by sight and his pretense about tossing the 'fat bald one' in the harbour was a joke as the snappers are business partners.
" "How did they know?" wailed one of the Top Gear party referring to the paparazzi.
Err, perhaps he would better off asking the show's publicist that question : he did a phone around of the media that afternoon.
Top Gear's Wheels Are Falling Off  by Michael Idato