Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Power of Star Trek's Dr Sulu

If you haven't yet 'liked' the Facebook page of Dr Hikaru Sulu of the SS Enterprise, actor George Takei, never fear, a whopping 3,600.000 have which makes him a Facebook star with power.
George is a gay activist and updates his Facebook page daily, often with amusing photos and tales.
 Today he posted a link to the sensational Youtube video that has dominated the airwaves and TV since it was posted 2 days ago. It features a young man at the Sydney Mardi Gras being thrown to the ground by a fairly large policeman with other police demanding by-standers to stop filming .

Last night when the Shuttle viewed the video it had only 503 hits. At present it has over 400,000. Since George Takei posted a link an extra 100,000 hits were logged within one hour. The power of Facebook !