Saturday, March 30, 2013

exclusive : Sharon Sargeant Special

She can usually be found shopping in the smart boutiques of Double Bay, perhaps having a coffee at the Cosmo or lunching at the uber smart Ottos. All within a cooee's distance from her Darling Point apartment (a Ferrari is parked in the underground garage).

The Shuttle encountered her 2 years ago at the Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo, with the British Rugby team in tow (captain Mike Tyndall & wife Zara Phillips were elsewhere that day), escorting them to a gin palace where a bunch of scantily clad girls awaited to join the lads on a harbour cruise. The Shuttle's subsequent report was picked up by British newspapers and a scandal ensured.

 We are talking about Sydney's Sharon Sargeant and now a wad of new pics have landed on our desk, sent by a tourist visiting something called Adultcon in Las Vegas armed with a Box Brownie : here they are for your perusal  to brighten up a quiet Easter.
Sharon's a good Catholic gel so say 3 Hail Mary's before viewing :

Sharon Sargeant with the English Rugby team