Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Earth to The UK Daily Mail

Tim & sister Charlotte at the Volvo launch
Perusing our favourite tabloid newspaper, the UK Daily Mail an article catches the sharp eye of the Shuttle's resident sub-editor Mildred Pierce.
A number of paparazzi photographs taken on Bondi Beach feature UK Made In Chelsea reality TV star Caggie Dunlop apparently locked in an embrace with Sydney man-about-town Tim Holmes a'Court, grandson (not the son as the Mail claims) of the late West Australian billionaire, Robert Holmes a'Court.
Alarm bells rang immediately.
We see Tim around town at smart parties and it just didn't look like him.
Tim confirmed tonight, when we encountered him at the launch of the new Volvo V40 at the Technology Park in Alexandria- it wasn't he.
Tim says  friends in London had contacted him and thought the article was a hoot.
Tim confirms that while Caggie and he are friends, they are not dating.

But who is the chap embracing gorgeous Caggie ?.
Step forward rock'n'roller Nicholas Routledge of the band Van She who has been dating Caggie for six weeks now.
Caggie Dunlop                            Nicholas Routledge                                  Mildred Pierce