Saturday, March 23, 2013

Death Complicates Ikin Investigation

Whilst Australia's media and the weird mob at Fairfax have been  hyperventilating over the great non-challenge of Julia Gillard's leadership, the French media has been delving into the strange death of high profile French lawyer Olivier Metzner whose clients have included Manuel Noriega, former French  prime minister Dominique de Villepin   and Alexandre Despallieres the man being investigated over the death of Australian record boss Peter Ikin.
Metzner                                          Despallieres                                        Ikin                                    Noriega
Metzner was rich, gay and connected and lived in a luxury apartment on the Boulevard Saint-Germain but it was at his private island in Brittany where his body was found floating in the surf.
Metzner was the lawyer for former French singer Alexandre Despallieres who is being investigated over the death of Warner Music boss Peter Ikin who died after a fall down the stairs of a Paris hotel. Despallieres obtained probate on a will Ikin purported to have left but that was overturned in a London court. He was also a personal friend of Despallieres and it's believed he was not being paid which leaves the accused murderer in a sticky position.

As to the reason for Metzner's death, although many say he suffered from depression, others have hinted at darker reasons and point to Metzner's involvement with members of the French underworld.
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