Monday, March 4, 2013

Bright Young Things #1 (a new series)

He's just turned 18 but Cristian King (right) of Easter Suburb's newspaper Latte Life already has all the hallmarks of an old pro.

Having seen off one of the countries top gossip columnists with a flea in his ear after said scribe objected to a Latte Life item, Cristian has turned his gaze upon one of Australia's most influential broadcasters Alan Jones and put the rarely interviewed radio star under an intense grilling which will be published next week in Latte Life.
The Shuttle's spy disguised as fine china teacup discreetly placed on a side table by Jones' impeccably dressed butler in Alan's magnificent Circular Quay apartment  reports nothing was off limits and Jones at one stage left the room to compose himself before returning to answer King's questions which might have had lesser mortals screaming, "impertinence !".
Order your copy now at your favourite Double Bay coffee shop : that's Latte Life !! We can't wait.