Monday, March 18, 2013

Beefing Up The Bourbon

The legendary Bourbon & Beefsteak in Kings Cross has re-surfaced with a swell opening party and endless Laurent Perrier. As The Bourbon, it looks like they got it right. A friendly atmosphere, good food and drinks and a great layout with live bands 7 days of the week brings back the old days when the Bourbon was the place to end a night in Sydney, usually at around 3am when you could party on until the morning.
Kerry Chikarovski & Peter McGauran
long legs at The Bourbon

 Opened in 1967 by the mysterious Bernie Houghton who arrived in town with a suitcase full of cash, for the next 40 years the B&B reigned supreme with visiting celebs like Frank Sinatra, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Madonna taking advantage of it's 24 hour license. One night cricketer Ricky Ponting even danced with drag queen Carlotta. Houghton said he was an ex-US Air force man but many claimed he was a CIA agent or ran Air America in Vietnam : whatever his background he was the perfect host.

He managed to secure a permanent visa via ASIO  for services rendered. Houghton had connections and the B&B became a hang-out for holidaying CIA agents and local mobsters. Amongst it's bizarre decor with stuffed bears, monogrammed Zippo lighters, Confederate flags and Indian mementos was Houghton's own M16 which he claimed saved his life many a time in  S.E.Asia.
The Bourbon is now owned by Coogee Bay Hotel  owner Christopher Cheung who snapped up the derelict property ( Houghton died in 2005) for 22M.

dance partners
Bernie Houghton