Monday, February 11, 2013

The Guardian (Oz Version) Marches On

News today (but old news for Shuttle readers) : 2 political heavyweights have fled Fairfax Media to join the coming new on-line Australian  newspaper The Guardian which is soon to launch just in time for the September General election.

Lenore Taylor is to be Political Editor and Katherine Murphy to be her Deputy. This is a blow to Fairfax no matter how they spin it- these are 2 of the very best political writers in the country who are rarely vehicles for political propaganda but are known to delve behind the scenes unlike the current Canberra mob who comprise the Press Gallery in Parliament who often sound like an echo chamber.  Nothing illustrated that more than Prime Minister Julia Gillard's famous 'misogyny' speech which had the press gallery in a twitter of disapproval while the Youtube film of her speech swept the world's media to a chorus of approval.

In March the Fairfax titles will change to tabloid size and a former editor Andrew Jaspan has claimed they will attempt to emulate the UK Daily Mail.
Today Murphy and Taylor twiittered their intentions: