Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Inspiration for Kevin Spacey's New Hair

The UK Daily Mail newspaper has run a story with some pictures of actor Kevin Spacey's gorgeous new hair which he premiered at the Australian Open yesterday in Melbourne.
 Kevin watched enthralled along with the nation as tennis greats Andy Murray and Roger Federer battled it out.

But as always the Shuttle is ahead of the others and today we present the man who inspired Kevin to banish those grey wisps and give his scalp a complete make-over : brother Randy Fowler who as our snap shows has one of the most magnificent manes seen around Las Vegas where he lives, shepherding folk around town in his luxury limo service and enthralling audiences with his Rod Stewart impersonations.
Sadly the two show-biz brothers are estranged and Randy once said to  Britain's Daily Mirror in an interview about Kevin : My brother is a lying weirdo !