Monday, January 7, 2013

Jimmy Savile ? : blame Richard Nevile

Writer A N Wilson, once dubbed the 'young fogey' has laid into a series of personalities in a dissertation about the so-called 'sexual revolution' that has resulted in what he thinks are today's slack morals.

Richard Nevile
at a book launch
 2 weeks ago
Starting with Lady Chatterley's Lover (he read it as a boy, under the sheets with a torch) , Wilson draws a line beginning with the Baby Boomers , Hippies ,and the swinging 60s and just about anyone who contributed to the arts during that era  from the Rolling Stones to Richard Nevile and the Oz Magazine team who were busted for obscenity when they produced the School Kids issue that featured Rupert The Bear with a hard on (the issue was actually edited by school kids).

Richard Nevile,Felix Denis
   and Jim Anderson at
  their obscenity trial

Even the Oz defendants brief at their trial, Rumpole author and barrister John Mortimer comes in for a serve and perhaps barrister Nevile Wran who defended Nevile in Sydney on obscenity charges and later become NSW Premier for 10 years, should share in the blame.
Apparently 57% of Brits were happy in the idyllic 1950s and presumably there were no rapes, sex assaults or abortions- although the Shuttle's late aunt who had a backyard abortion in 1951 may dispute that (as a result she was couldn't have children and suffered for the rest of her life).
All this free sex and loose morals have disturbed Wilson so much he draws a link between them and the BBC apparently ignoring the exploits of the late Jimmy Savile although he has failed to point out that most of the newspapers Wilson has written for also turned a blind eye. And little does he know he shares something in common with Richard Nevile : in the 1960s Nevile who was an advertising copy writer was dubbed the Young Fogey by pals who weren't quite convinced with his 'revolutionary' zeal.
You can read all this in the Daily Mail.