Thursday, December 20, 2012

Those Paul Keating Insults..

He is an expert in demolishing his opponents with a few well chosen barbs. From the moment ex-Labor Prime Minster Paul Keating described then PM John Howard in 2007 as looking like a 'desicated coconut'.  Howard was doomed. As was Opposition leader Andrew Peacock when Keating called him an 'intellectual rust bucket' in Parliament.

Possibly his greatest coup was dismantling a brewing scandal over Labor Party fixers Brian Burke and Julian Grills whose shenanigans threatened Kevin Rudd's bid for the Lodge.
Paul Keating dismissed the pair's influence when he described them as the "Arthur Daley and Terry of WA politics".

Now an App for your Iphone that will deliver Keating style insults such as  : " "you intellectual gigolo with the integrity of a rust bucket," or "You stunning example of mental incapacity, you gutless spiv.". It's been created by Dan Nolan of Synthetica and is available from Apple App Store.

Below is a video created to honour Paul Keating's time in Canberra :