Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sydney Mardi Gras Line-Up

Jake Shears,Heather Small,Wayne G,Delta Goodrem

February 10th signals the beginning of the Sydney Mardi Gras season (they dropped the moniker 'Gay & Lesbian' last year after 2 decades of scolding the media if they got the name wrong) with Fair Day.

 Fair Day really shouldn’t be missed. It’s a chance to run into your favourite 6' Sydney drag queen in the daylight. You might even see your accountant or as the Shuttle did one year, our normally conservative solicitor in a fetching sun yellow frock and Christian Louboutin pumps.
drag races at Bondi Beach
Queer Thinking is on Saturday 16 Feb and Harbour 13 ( a huuge party by the harbour) on the 13th & 23rd Feb and our very favourite event, the Drag Races at Bondi Beach on March 1st.
There are films , plays , art shows and so on culminating in the parade and after party on Saturday 3rd Match. 

A few slebs will be in town to entertain at  the party including Heather Small from M People and Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears , DJ Wayne G who will be joining local entertainers like Garcon Garcon and Delta Goodrem. And Mitzi McIntosh returns from London where she has wowed audiences.

As always the Social Shuttle is spot on in predicting special guests who will be in town to party which will include George Michael ( as if he’d miss it !) and this year- Ricky Martin who will also be here as a a judge on the 2013 The Voice.