Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE Celeb Watch

Our handy guide to celebrity watch and who is in town for New Years Eve:. Leo DiCaprio and mate Jonah Hill will celebrate at The Star after arriving aboard a private jet on Friday. At the Lord Mayor's annual party at the Sydney Opera House Kylie Minogue will launch the fireworks to signal the new year.

And Mariah Carey and family will be partying at a private house in the Eastern Suburbs before boarding a luxury launch to moor off the Opera House- we are sworn to secrecy. But the name James Packer comes to mind.

Earth to Sydney Confidential : Yes, Kate Winslet did wed a chap named Ned Rock'n'Roll but he isn't Richard Branson's 'grandson' (which would mean he was aged about 9) , Ned, formerly Abel Smith is the son of Branson's married sister- ie : his nephew.