Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lord Leveson, Vile Perverts & Mayan Predictions

Did the good judge know what was coming ?. Lord Leveson leaped on a jet bound for Australia a few days ago after releasing the first part of his report into the hacking claims against Rupert Murdoch's newspapers that have seen dozens of journalists, police and public servants arrested.

King, Leveson Starr, Glitter & Max Clifford
 The Jimmy Savile scandal had already descended across Britain with over 400 assault claims about the dead DJ. Tabloids who just one year ago printed hand wringing eulogies about the track suited, cigar chomping Leeds' resident back pedaled like crazy.

One of those at the forefront of the decline of England's red tops into celebrity obsessed glossies propped up by sordid tales of sex was the celebrity agent Max Clifford who was the first port of call for those claiming they had been abused by a celebrity and who wished to sell their tale for a few thousand pounds.

Now Clifford has been arrested over alleged sex claims involving the Savile investigation.
Another arrested was the comedian Freddie Starr who spent time in Australia last year in 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  Clifford shot Starr to fame when he sold a tale to a tabloid : Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster.

And with bizarre synchronicity, the former pop star Gary Glitter was also arrested and questioned by the very same Savile police on the same matter. It was Max Clifford  who sold stories of an alleged sex assault by Glitter, to the News Of The World. Glitter was found not guilty of the charge by a jury.
Rebekah Brooks & Flame Mitchell

Another show business identity who has tangled with Clifford is Jonathan King who spent time banged up by Her Majesty.
 Clifford represented  men who sold their stories of alleged abuse by King to several newspapers.

The world is soon to end according to the Mayans (and PM Julia Gillard).
Jonathon King produced a film Vile Pervert about his ordeals and time in jail (the judge labelled him a 'vile pervert' during the trial).
In Vile Pervert, King through song and dance warns Max Clifford of the certainty of Karma and makes predictions that several identities who reveled in his trial and jailing, would come to a sticky end.
To date several have including former News Corp executive Rebekah Brooks ( Flame Mitchel in Vile Pervert)  and Max Clifford (Waxie Maxie in King's film).
You can download or view Vile Pervert on line here.
In Sydney today Lord Leveson said he "was watching developments in the UK with interest".
Below is King's 1975 hit Una Paloma Blanca :