Friday, November 23, 2012

The Vanishing Lady

 As the world's richest woman Gina Rinehart launched her book Northern Australia and Then Some
yesterday by flying from city to city in her private jet ( banning the media except for the Ten Network which by co-incidence, she owns) our attention is drawn to a snap ( above left ) taken some time ago on board that plane.
The photo that ran in The Australian newspaper, is of Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney and his late wife Corryn Rayney. Rayney was acquitted of Corryn's murder earlier this month. Gina Rinehart had  been carefully airbrushed out of the snap as the original on the right of it shows.

But the Shuttle has been caught out in similar fashion when we published an agency supplied photo (above left) of actor Simon Burke, pop impresario John Reid and the late music identity Peter Ikin. French police are  investigating the circumstances of Ikin's death.
Now we have the original photo as shown above right. The snap includes Ikin's French husband Alexandre Despallières, a suspect in Ikin's death, carefully airbrushed out.
The creepy mysteries of Photoshop. You can be erased from history!