Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Obama by A Nose..

The other big race is the US election. Top British astrologer Victor Olliver (right)  is picking another Barack Obama win based on his astrological chart (he's a Leo).

Read it here on the Madame Arcati website.
" US Election astrology special: Obama forecast to be re-elected
Elections, astrologically, are a nightmare challenge to call and the imminent US Election is particularly complex (actually, not just astrologically). The wise stargazers sit on the fence - the Mail's Jonathan Cainer has declared that the result will be unambiguous - but declines to say which candidate will win. Marjorie Orr (though seeming to back Romney) announces that election forecasting is too tricky. "


Of course as presidential contender Al Gore discovered in 2000, winning doesn't necessarily mean becoming president.  
There is always the matter of those tricky computerised voting machines.