Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grown Up Children

Shari-Lea & Paula

Socialite Shari-Lea Hitchcock took the opportunity to introduce her daughter Paula to Sydney at the Billich Gallery last week.

Paula is now 15 and is the daughter of the late billionaire Dick Pratt who left a $5.6B fortune. Polish born Pratt emigrated to Australia in 1938 and became the biggest supplier of cardboard in the world.
Spreading his fortune around he was an avid patron of the arts and medical research, hosting charity bashes at the Melbourne mansion Raheen  where he lived with wife Jeanne.

Jeanne & Dick at Raheen
The existence of Paula became known during a court appearance when a lawyer mistook a journalist for a solicitor and revealed details of a large payment that was to go to Shari-Lea to care for her daughter. When Dick Pratt died in 2009 he left a legacy to Paula who he adored and Shari-Lea estimated at around $40M plus a sensational beach-side house in snooty Watson's Bay and a NSW farm.
Good mum that she is, Shari-lea whisked Paula away for dinner before the arrival of some nude models at the party.

Meanwhile at the launch of the 2012 Kings Cross Festival a young man was entertaining the guests including the Shuttle with some amazing card tricks.
Max Rendall
Ace, Christian & Rendall
 Max Rendall placed a packet of cards in our hand and requested we hold them firmly while he did a few tricks to a wide-eyed audience. Upon asking for the cards back, they had turned into a block of perspex?. How did he do it ?.

Max is the son of ex-pat London resident John Rendall who found amazing fame when he and Christian The Lion became a mega YouTube hit as a videoed reunion was set to music.

Rendall and his business partner Anthony 'Ace' Bourke purchased Christian in Harrods in 1969 and kept him in their Kings Road antique store, eventually delivering him to the conservationist George Adamson in Africa.

The grainy film  of the pair re-uniting with Christian in 1971 shot to fame in 2008 and along came book and film rights and a tour of TV chat shows around the world including the Oprah Winfrey show.
Rendall lives in Chelsea and lectures about conservation and keeps a vintage Rolls Royce in Sydney for visits.
 Max Rendall has just finished his studies at Sydney University and is entertaining at corporate events while he contemplates the future.