Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fashion Teacher Slams Melbourne Style

Top fashionista Nicholas Huxley, head of the Fashion Design Studio at Tafe NSW has ripped into the fashions at this year's Melbourne Cup via his Facebook page.
 Huxley says: 

"I HAVE TO SAY..What a bloody terrible lot of fashion at the Melbourne Cup and the build up to it.All those who are saying best dressed here and best dressed there...PLEASE. Cocktail dresses at any of these racing events...and the ghastly head pieces they're calling hats.There is no sophistication / no understanding of race wear...just a lot of tits and arse to hook an arse with money! The truth will never be's so much better to be part of a click then to be individual.I am so glad I'm not and have never wanted to be part of a click!"
 Ouch !.
 And the UK's Daily Mail newspaper has a few words to say as well about behaviour of cup goers in this piece titled
"And You Thought Ascot Was Going to The Dogs"!