Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Boy & His Toys

Successful businessman John Kennerley is married to one of Australia's most endearing television personalities Kerri Anne Kennerley  a favourite on the red carpet. John often joins Kerri-Anne, or KAK as she referred to. It's one of the most successful local show business  marriages that has lasted almost 31 years.

So what does John do while Kerri is out competing on Dancing With The Stars and partaking in her show-biz activities ? . John, originally from Cheshire in the UK is building in  perfect detail in his house, a replica of a train line that runs through the north of England and to date has re-created a non-too small replica of one of Britain's oldest and grandest listed buildings, Shewsbury Station along with outlying tracks and trains.

He'll proudly show you some pics from his iphone of the amazing train set that snakes throughout the living room of the pair's Rose Bay mansion.
And he builds every single piece himself in a special workroom, including the replica trains that puff around the track and is now working on the local scenery to go with it.
 So it's true- a man and his shed could be the secret to a succesful marriage!