Saturday, October 27, 2012

Topless : Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall !

"Don't do it !" warns Barry Humphries.
Barry was dispensing advice last night at a reception held by Prince Charles and Camilla at Clarence House, their London residence.                                                                                   

And another guest Kylie Minogue had some harsh words for Camilla who has never visted Australia before :"naughty Duchess!".
There were also a group of semi naked New Zealanders dancing for the royals as our video shows (watch for the New Zealand High Commissioner who joins them at the back!)
Guests included a coterie of Australian and New Zealand ex-pats in honour of the royal pair's visit to the colonies in November. They will visit Sydney and Melbourne where Camilla will present the cup to the winner of the famous Melbourne Cup to be held on Tuesday the 6th November.

Humphries warned the Duchess to refrain from standing topless on a hotel balcony :"you never know who could be lurking in the bushes" he said.
Also at the reception :wobble board enthusiast Rolf Harris and writer Kathy Lette who presented Camilla with a jar of Vegemite.