Friday, October 5, 2012

'Everything Old Is New Again'

Peter Allen
The line above is from a song by the late Peter Allen, about fads and fashions that re-cycle every few decades. For Allen, an old style showman who was praised as one the USA's greatest live performers, his song was a joyous celebration.

During October and November Australia is to be treated for the first time to another legend and some old style music, the Glen Miller Band on the  75th anniversary of Miller's death. Miller vanished in 1944 when the flight he was on disappeared over the English Channel but his band lives on.
Meanwhile in the UK The Bugle Boy, a musical based on the life of Miller has been drawing huge foot tapping crowds and great praise from critics.The show features a 16 piece band that plays all of Miller's hits.

The Glen Miller Band will premiere at The State Theatre on Thursday 11th October. For tour dates and tickets go to the official website. Below is an exert from The Bugle Boy: