Sunday, September 9, 2012

Women Rule as Clover Claims Victory

Poor Alan Jones. The shock jock claimed a short time ago that 'these women are wrecking the joint' but it's only going to get worse for the radio host.
Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has been re-elected for a further four years in council elections after receiving over 51% of the vote.

This will be Clover's third term as the Independent Mayor and seals her popularity with the diverse electorate of Sydney with 5 seats on the 10 seat council. Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's sister Christine Forster (right) won a seat on the council for the Liberal party.
Anna Bligh
The Greens have picked up one seat which probably means Moore will be able to push ahead with her plans to 'green' Sydney with her promotion of villages and more bike friendly streets.
 On the minus side for the studded dog collar wearing Mayor is that she must now divest herself of the State seat she also holds under new rules introduced by the Coalition state government. This will mean a fiercely contested by-election will be fought by the Coalition and Labor.

The Shuttle's pick : Labor will most likely pick up the seat with a high profile candidate imported from Queensland : former State premier Anna Bligh. Watch this space !