Saturday, September 15, 2012

O What A Bar

Michael Moore & wife Angela

 left  Kerri Anne Kennerley & Jane Ferguson tweeted friends about the O Bar.
Top chef Michael Moore has launched his new venue, the O Bar & Restaurant on the 47th floor of Australia Square.
singer Ivor Davies partying with pals at O Bar
And what a sensational place this is with spectacular views over the Sydney skyline. Not only that, the outer circle of the O Bar revolves a full 360 degrees -ever so slowly-something that only dawned on the Shuttle after the second cocktail when we noticed the Sydney Tower had disappeared and was replaced by the Prudential building with the Harbour Bridge slowly coming into view!

Around 300 guests gathered on Wednesday night to celebrate Michael's new venture and the positive mood of the party indicates O Bar will be a major success. This landmark building already has super smooth elevators that get  you to the top very quickly but even they are being up-graded. As it was a warm Spring type evening the courtyard of the Square was packed so by Summer we predict hundreds will be taking those lifts upwards.

left : X Factor favourite Bella Hunter & top model Michelle Walsh

Some of the nibbles at the opening party were from the Michael's local seafood , seasonal produce and healthy menu : quinoa crusted crab and chickpea cakes with lemon yoghurt, buttermilk organic chicken with buckwheat crust and apricot mustard and kingfish pastrami with coriander, citrus and cumin. Yum.    Check out the food and drinks menu at the new O Bar website.