Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Dramas at Bill's Show

Ros Oxley & Bill Henson
David Wenhem & Kate Agnew
 The last time the Shuttle attended a Bill Henson show at Ros Oxley's Gallery in Paddington we encountered the State wallopers barring entry and piling the exhibits into a large paddy wagon. Oh for the publicity!.
It spread around the world and even had then PM Kevin Rudd proclaiming the photographs-some of teens - 'disgusting' (although he said hadn't actually seen them) while the Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull declared them to be art (and as he owned a Henson I guess he would).

SBS TV's Jenny Brockie
Thursday night's opening was a rather sedate affair but all the better for seeing Henson's latest works which really are quite beautiful. The new exhibition  marks the return of Henson’s fascination with the human form, after a 2010 show of landscape photography. In an interview for the Sydney Morning Herald, Henson told art critic John McDonald the exhibition : “will focus more on the body, and less on landscape”. There are 18 works in total and editions of 5 of each at a cool $30,000 a go which makes around $2,500,000 worth of art on the walls. Get out those Box Brownies now and start snapping away.
John Moriarty admires the art

Watch the video below of the 2008 police raid on the gallery.
Bill Henson : 20 Sep-13 Oct Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, 8 Soudan Ln, Paddington 2021