Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lil Orphan Annie : The Oxford Street Version

Tickets go on sale from Friday for trAnnie the adults only pantomine which opens on Thursday 6th December at the Sydney Opera House.

 Ten year old little orphan Fannie (Trevor Ashley) parents have left him in a basket on the doorstep of the Sutherland Shire Children's Orphanage with nothing but a bracelet and a bottle of Stoli.  
 He is desperate to get his long-overdue gender reassignment surgery, but there’s so much standing in his way: including that boozy matron Miss Trannigan (Rhonda Burchmore) who has just been listed on the sex-offender registry, and is bitter from years of Logie losses.  Thank God Fannie has a bunch of foul mouthed orphans and his/her trusty ex-sniffer dog to help him/her survive.
Featuring songs, audience participation, and out-of-work television personalities, this brand new adults-only panto will have you in fits of laughter... and wishing that you too could be adopted by a sexy bald millionaire.

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