Thursday, September 20, 2012

Camilla : Ajay Rochestor wants An Apology

Ajay Rochestor wears Camilla with Derek Warburton (inset).
She really does deserve one.
 Ajay is living in the USA forging a new career but has been the target of reverse Tall Poppy Syndrome attacks from her home country.

a real woman !
As the Shuttle reported last week. Camilla Franks has been cleaned out of her new Gypsy range after a break-in at her Bondi store but now her stylist has reportedly made a mean statement in Ros Reines' Sunday Telegraph column about Ajay's appearance on the catwalk wearing a Camilla caftan- and looking sensational- in the finale of New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the Real Fashion. Real Women-Bottomless Closet parade organised and hosted by top New York stylist Derek Warburton.
Camilla's rep is reported as saying : "I'm sure that she (Camilla) felt much happier about the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez wearing one of her kaftans". Oh really ?. Earth to stylist : apart from being a bit ill-mannered, the very nice Camilla ain't going to survive on lending kaftans to the likes of Jennifer Lopez.  
The Real Women Real Fashion parade was an industry supported event to try and prove that the fashion industry cares about its real consumer, the women who wear the clothes. A worthy ambition one would think but brought undone by the words of a representative of one of the designers on show. Ajay (and her co-models) demonstrated far more grace and style on the night.
Is it any wonder that old Shuttle pal (Dame) Vivienne Westwood, one of Europe's most influential designers of the last 50 years and someone who abhors much of the pomposity that surrounds the business turned up at her show in London last week wearing this outfit (right).

Below is a video of the parade from Fashion News Live: