Monday, August 6, 2012

The Mars rover Curiosity mission: what has astrology to say?

How appropriate that her website is decorated with theatre style red velvet curtains- this dame has taken more curtain calls than Dame Nellie Melba, bid farewell more times that John Farnham and looks like being around as long as The Rolling Stones.

The always controversial Madame Arcati who has a habit of scooping Fleet Street tabloids  has returned again, albeit with an astrological angle and the above story on the Mars Rover.

Three weeks ago the Shuttle dined at Ottos with a visiting NASA scientist attending a conference at the University of New South Wales and we were given a detailed description of how the Rover would descend upon the Mars surface. Speaking to a scientist about life elswhere is a frustrating process as they will never admit to anything. However after the third glass of red our expert told us that NASA has discovered hundreds of possible earth like planets but publicly admits to just a few.
And of course, it is life they are looking for on Mars. We think he knows what he is talking about as he was amongst the team that found ice on Mars.
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