Thursday, August 23, 2012

Playing Catch Up

We do love Sydney Confidential. It's the gossip column in Rupert Murdoch's top selling Australian tabloid The Daily Telegraph (referred to by some as the Daily Terror for some unknown reason).

But they really should pay more attention to the Shuttle as some British tabloids do like The Sun, Daily Mail and The Independent as they scour these pages gently lifting tiny tidbits here and there.
 Their tale today, pictured here : PJs the centre of the universe is a sort of non-story implying that PJ Lane, a star in the new Underbelly: Badness may be dating gorgeous Jessinta Campbell.
The Shuttle exclusively revealed five months ago that PJ was dating Jessinta's good pal Ashley Talbot when we ran this picture of the pair at artist Martine Emdur's opening night at the Tim Olsen Gallery.