Saturday, August 11, 2012

Introducing The Langham

SYDNEY HAS a new 5 star hotel-The Langham on Kent St in The Rocks. It's actually been there a few years as The Observatory Hotel run by the Orient Express people.
Sarah De Bono
The Shuttle has spent many a pleasant evening there for small shindigs. One for Sarah, Duchess of York and another for the Irish actor Gabriel Byrne who lived there while was he was filming Jindabyne . Keanu Reeves called it home for around six weeks and we once lunched with the late and wonderful British actress Susannah York in the hotel's Galilieo Restaurant.

Langhams are a name-in London and Hong Kong so we expect great things from them. They haven't changed much, just the name at present but it was always a wonderfully elegant old style hotel with superb service and that looks like it will continue. Certainly with their launch party last Wednesday, the future looks cosy. Sydney rock oysters and caviar, grilled duck and other such delicacies all washed down with great lashing of Laurent Perrier dispensed by an army of waiters bearing magnums of the stuff.
Megan Gale says she almost lives in The Langham whilst in Melbourne or London so we trust her word.

 One guest we were eager to meet was the gorgeous songbird Sarah De Bono who was such a success on The Voice. See her video below. Check out the unique staff uniforms :lovely pink Jackie Onassis, Chanel style suits with pearls .And full marks for the little gift as we departed, a bunch of lovely flowers.