Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brush With Fame

 The Shuttle was forced to decline an invite to meet Doug Pitt last night, the brother of movie star Bard Pitt. Doug was the guest of Virgin Mobile launching a new campaign with a 'gala' red carpet event.

We reckoned an invite to check out the opening of the Brooklyn Hotel's new Oyster Bar just couldn't be passed. I think we made the right choice. Product launches can be tame and once we reach the level of "associated " fame it all becomes a tad tiring.
Besides, we had already encountered Mr Pitt earlier that day in Double Bay. Movie stars in the know flock to the dentistry surgery of Dr David Carr and it seems. their siblings do as well. Our spy disguised as a helium tank says Doug arrived by gleaming limo to have a new crown fitted after Doug chipped his front tooth.
 Doug follows in the footsteps of numerous celebrities that make their way to Dr Carr when in town. Just a few of those who owe their wondrous gleaming Hollywood smiles to the celebrity dentist include Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Tom Cruise.