Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Wishes to Charlotte Dawson

Like some of New Zealand's best exports ( Russell Crowe) we like to claim as our own-Charlotte Dawson has forged a successful career in Australia as a television host, currently at the helm Foxtels' Australia's Next Top Model.

Charlotte has been on the receiving end of a campaign of Twitter hate over the past weeks. Earlier last night the Shuttle encountered Charlotte as the East Sydney Tech at a bash to celebrate the launch of  a new range of Waterford Lismore crystal. Sometime later that evening she checked herself into St Vincent's Hospital. The toll of an on-line hate campaign had finally hit home.

All at the Shuttle (including sub-editor Mildred Pierce) send their best wishes to one of our favourite Sydney-siders Charlotte Dawson and hopes for a speedy recovery . These things are sent to try us. They make us stronger in the end.