Friday, July 27, 2012

exclusive : The Mafia Hit on PI Frank Monte

Frank Monte
One person who probably suffers from the Tall Poppy syndrome in Australia -where those who reach great heights in the public gaze must be torn down to size by the media, is the private investigator Frank Monte.
It happens to sportsmen, businessmen, entertainers and so on .
 Comedian Barry Humphries described it this way in an interview many years ago: "when I first left to go overseas, a reporter at Sydney airport said "aren't we good enough for you Mr Humphries?"" Two years later when I arrived back he was there again: "what happened Mr Humphries-couldn't make it overseas?"

Monte was bankrupted by legal costs defending a debilitating law suit lodged in the Federal Court by Donatella & Santo Versace  who said they were 'outraged' when he wrote in his book Spying Game that designer Gianni Versace was killed by the feared Italian Mafia, Ndrangheta.
The combined Australian media had a field day, attacking Monte in every imaginable way.

Giving evidence during the case Donatella Versace, on oath, replied to a question by Monte's counsel Clive Evatt QC, saying that she had "never ever" used drugs.
Two years later she gave an interview to Vogue which was reprinted throughout the world saying she had been addicted to drugs before and after Gianni's murder outside his Miami house and that Elton John had persuaded her to dry out in a clinic.

Gianni's Miami house
Gianluigi Nuzzi
In 2010 one of Italy's most respected investigative journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi published a book Metastasis about the notorious Ndrangheta finally confirming that Monte was accurate with his information about Versace's death.

Santo Versace expressed the same 'outrage' as he had over Monte's book and threatened to sue anyone who repeated the tale. Dozens of European and British newspapers re-printed Nuzzi's information on Gianni Versace's death, many who interviewed and quoted Frank Monte. Not one has heard a peep since out of Santo.

Nuzzi's source was the former N'drangheta Godfather Giuseppe di Bella who also assisted the AntiMafia Office in Rome and the Shuttle has now seen an English translation of his book : in it he describes how alarmed the Mafia where when they first read Monte's version of Gianni's death : it was spot on.
 They pondered whether to put out a hit on the private eye.
The Shuttle has spoken to a well connected Italian journalist who has followed the case from the beginning. She says a hit on Monte was well advanced with a hit man contracted in Calabria and plans made for him to travel to New York to kill Monte.

A 2006 N'drangheta hit in Germany-tentacles everywhere
The Mafia also believed they had a rat in their ranks who they thought may have been an informant for Monte. In the end, a round table meeting of 8 Mafia Dons concluded that killing Monte may bring unwanted attention upon them and basically confirm what Monte had revealed.

 The Shuttle has also seen the unpublished manuscript of the memoirs of a retired Miami detective who concurred that the police did not believe Andrew Cunanan had carried out the Versace murder and that he was a patsy. However they concluded proving the case would be far too difficult and finding the real killer would be impossible.
 And where are the Australian media reports on all this?. There aren't any. It's been completely ignored.
# Frank Monte's Spying Game can be purchased here.
# Gianluigi Nuzzi's latest book about Vatican corruption can be purchased here.