Monday, July 2, 2012

"The Talented M. Despallières"

Alexandre Despallières
Bloomberg Businessweek has an update on the man being investigated in the death of the popular Australian music identity, former Sydneysider Peter Ikin.

Frenchman Alexandre Despallières and Ikin wed (left) in a civil wedding in 2008 after re-igniting a love affair from a decade previously. In a month, Ikin was dead after a fall down a flight of stairs in a Paris hotel. His body was quickly cremated and his ashes scattered in a ceremony in a French cemetery in front of Ikin's music industry friends Elton John and John Reid and the actor Simon Burke.

 Rock manager John Reid became suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Ikin's death, especially after Despallières was found guilty of forging Ikin's will leaving all his assets to himself. Despallières was arrested and has just been released from a Paris jail while investigations continue.
Simon Burke,John Reid & Ikin

The journalist Brad Stone at Bloomberg who wrote up the latest news on Despallières had previous dealings with the man and the story is a must read. He has interviewed Alexandre Despallières at length and relates a fascinating here.

Here is the latest Youtube video featuring Alexandre Despallières in Los Angeles: