Monday, July 30, 2012

Sharks Attack In Venice

It's Jaws and the Tsunami in one movie (in 3D nat!) with a touch of Westfield thrown in.
Disaster-shark film Bait 3D, directed by Kimble Rendall, will screen as Australia's only official selection for the 69th Venice International Film Festival.

Bait 3D is a movie about a group of shoppers trapped in an underground supermarket after a tsunami strikes the coast which has sent a school of sharks into the building. Produced by Arclight Films it was shot on the Gold Coast at Village Roadshow Studios in 2010 and stars Xavier Samuel, Julian McMahon, Sharni Vinson and Dan Wylie.

The Shuttle has seen a preview of Bait 3D and it's delightfully scary with fantastic FX especially in 3D with sharks jumping out of the screen at you. Let's hope Baz Luhrmann's Gatsby is this good.