Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Oldies For Capt Clive !

Wacky billionaire Clive Palmer said today pensioners would be banned from his replica Titanic 2 when it sets sail. Palmer has teamed up with a Chinese corporation to build the boat and take to the high seas with a floating casino on which only 'people like us' will be allowed onboard to gamble.

Clive is reported as saying :""We'll be in international waters, so we can probably stop pensioners from coming without breaching any legislation,
"There will be some sort of screening to make sure the people who do go there are people who can afford to go there."I think third class we'd have to have questions about, wouldn't we?"

So that means any ship-board romances between first class  and third class ala Jack Dawson & Rose is out and by the time Titanic 2 is launched hopefully the Shuttle will be a pensioner and be barred from the tub.