Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The King is Dead, Long Live The King !

It's a scandal of Royal proportions : the gloomy pageant down the River Thames of the lavish gold embossed royal barge with a couple of elderly ring-in pensioners of dubious background whilst Australia was represented by just a few surf lifesaving boats battling along in the rain (and perhaps Rolf Harris). Perhaps God spoke by striking down the one decorated with medals with illness.
The rightful monarch: His Majesty Michael 1 by the Grace of God of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions Beyond the Seas, Defender of The Faith etc etc and so on watched the procession on TV in country Jerilderie

Michael Abney-Hastings
Sadly, King Michael has passed away at the very non-royal age of just 69 in Wagga Wagga NSW, his chosen seat in exile.
Michael Abney-Hastings, the 14th Earl of Loudon died peacefully on Saturday morning.

In the 2004 documentary Britain's Real Monarch the historian Dr Michael Jones proved that the current lot are ring-ins. Her Maj's claim to the throne is predicated on her ancestry to Edward IV 1461-1483.  But Edward was illegitimate as the film showed in detail.
Edward's father Richard Duke of York was off fighting the French near Paris while his mother Lady Cecily Neville was having it off with a local tradesman. While it was normal for royals to give birth to bastards they were usually fobbed off with a title and some land. Not the throne as Edward scored.
Abney-Hastings was born in 1942 in Sussex and emigrated to Australia where he first worked as a fork-lift driver and farmer. He spent his last few years serving on the Jerilderie Council and was popular around town. Although a life long Republican, he was always greeted at the family Christmas dinner table with God Save The King.