Saturday, July 14, 2012

Book Of The Month

Amanda Webster & Jacinta Tynan
The Boy Who Loved Apples is Amanda Webster's true and inspiring story of a family's struggle with their son's anorexia.
Amanda realised her eleven-year-old son Riche was not just a little too skinny but dangerously ill.
Malcolm Turnbull and the author
"Do boys get anorexia ?" people would ask. And then," How did he get it?"

That was the question Amanda asked herself, too. As a trained doctor she knew that every disease has a cause. And if her son had an eating disorder, she wondered what the cause could possibly be -was it something she and her husband Kevin had done—or failed to do?
Quick to blame both Kevin and herself, worried about how her two other kids were coping, Amanda also found herself at odds with a medical establishment that barely understood Riche’s illness, far less how to treat it. And as she embarked on the long, agonising process of saving her son’s life she found herself battling not just Riche’s demons but her own.
Brave, honest and ultimately uplifting, The Boy Who Loved Apples is a compelling and beautifully written account of life with an eating disorder, and a gritty, moving testament to a mother’s love.

Malcolm Turnbull MP launched the book on Monday at Ariel Bookshop in Oxford Street Darlinghurst.  It's also available on Amazon kindle.

Listen to Amanda here on Conversations With Richard Fidler