Thursday, June 28, 2012

Look Who We Trust!

 Some surprising results from a Readers Digest survey on who Australians find as the most 'trustworthy' souls in the land.
Dick Smith
Coming in at Number One is Dr. Charlie Teo (left), the handsome and talented, sometime controversial neurosurgeon. He's followed by the burns specialist Dr Fiona Wood but the next three are pure (sort of) show biz: Hugh Jackman, Mary Donaldson, Crown Princess of Denmark (not bad for a former real estate agent) and entrepreneur Dick Smith.

Father Riley & Eric Bana
Next is the Shuttle's favourite selfless charity worker Father Chris Riley who runs YOTS and at 44 is our equal favourite Catholic priest Father Bob McGuire who was just forcibly retired by the Church but carries on his tasks feeding the homeless and such in Melbourne regardless.

Down the list at 74 is the most trustworthy politician, former PM Kevin Rudd with former Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull at 76.  Both are way ahead of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard.
Shane & Kyle
Actors like Deborah Lee Furness, Cate Blanchet and Michael Caton are considered very trustworthy as is the Singing Budgie aka Kylie Minogue at No 30 but who comes in last? : At 99 is Kyle Sandilands behind Rupert Murdoch (surely American?) at 97 and Shane Warne at 74. Wacky mining magnate Clive Palmer who is building a replica Titanic in China is No 92.

And more popular than any business mogul or politician? Why The Wiggles of course at 15!
Current Ecuador Embassy resident Julian Assange, listed as Editor-In-Chief of Wikileaks is regarded as the 75th Most trusted Australian. Here is Julian recently interviewing Noam Chomsky and writer Tariq Ali :