Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Knit your own Queen & Dame Kylie!

Press Association

  The lack of Union Jacks fluttering from Sydney buildings was noticeable. Melbourne did a little better. Perth with an immigrant population of Brits comprising around 30% was by far the winner with countless Jubilee parties and bunting. Canberra begrudgingly hung one from Parliament House. 

She is, after all our Queen as well. Thank God for the Singing Budgie Kylie Minogue cunningly disguised as a Pearly Queen, and Rolf Harris CBE,AM at the Diamond Jubilee Concert. (Surely it soon should be Dame Kylie and Sir Rolf!) 



Press Association

Here is a treat for you to while away the hours during these gale force winds and pounding rain: 

Knit your own Queen!

Yes, with a little patience and this pattern, it really is possible to make your own spectacular Diamond Jubilee memento…


For the doll
◆20g (¾oz), approximately 37m (40yds), of beige DK yarn.
◆ A small amount of pale grey DK yarn.
◆ Very small amounts of black, cream and red DK yarn.
◆ 10–15g (¼–½oz) polyester toy stuffing.
For the clothes
◆ 25g (1 oz), approximately 55m/60yds, of royal blue DK yarn.
◆ A small amount of black DK yarn.
To get the rest of the instructions you need to go the Britain's oldest published magazine The Lady here.