Friday, June 8, 2012

exclusive: Naomi Watts channels Grace Kelly in China

Naomi Watts (wearing Montblanc Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco Fine Jewelry), CEO of Montblanc Lutz Bethge, Nicolas Cage and Jessica Alba
Shuttle pal, the gorgeous actress Naomi Watts attended a party in Shanghai this week and our Chinese operative has sent us some pics of the shindig.

Amber Heard
The Chinese economy is going gangbusters so upmarket label MontBlanc have opened it's largest store in the world in the ritzy Sanlitum area and they bussed in a few Hollywood pals to do the honours including Naomi, Nicholas Cage, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard and assorted Chinese stars including actress Maggie Cheung.

Four sumptuous floors carry all manner of goods like the brand's famous writing pieces, clocks, leather goods and fine jewellery and a range of beautiful watches dedicated to Grace Kelly- the Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco.

Patina Lin Jia-qi
Bianca Bai

: Zhang Liang & Patina Lin Jia-qi
Maggie Cheung

Rock Gi & Shatina Chen
Bonnie Chen