Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"A Dingo Took My Baby"

They were the words uttered by a confused Lindy Chamberlain that fateful night in 1980 in the shade of Uluru when the unfortunate mother rushed to tell her husband Michael their new baby Azaria had been snatched from their tent. Lindy had seen a quick blur of the dog disappearing with a bundle in it's mouth. Today, a Northern Territory coroner has finally concluded that Lindy told the truth.

Sam Neil & Meryl in Evil Angels
Lindy & Azaria
In 1988 Meryl Streep immortalized the line In the film Evil Angels ( A Cry In The Dark) which detailed the extraordinary events of one of Australia's most infamous mysteries.

Harry M.Miller & Lindy in 2009
The sad tale of the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain, and the subsequent witch-hunt against Lindy who was to be jailed, accused of Azaria's murder is probably even more relevant today with the Leveson Inquiry into the media underway in the UK and the recent Finklestein Inquiry in Australia.
Lindy was crucified in print, depicted as an awkward and cold woman. A cruel spotlight examined every minute detail of her actions and convinced the public she had murdered her own child.

Two years ago Lindy attended the book launch in Kings Cross of entrepreneur Harry M.Miller's autobiography. Miller became Lindy's agent during the turbulent years when she was cleared of the murder. Far from the cold, seemingly stern woman devoid of emotion depicted by the mass media in the 1980s, Chamberlain is warm and friendly.

As for Harry, today he is in a nursing home suffering from the onset of alzhiemers disease. The sudden change in the brilliant media manipulator has distressed his friends and family.