Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scooping the British Tabloids: Clive James' Lover

A remarkable revelation on the tabloid TV show A Current Affair. Leanne Edlesten, former wife of famed medico Dr Geoffrey Edelsten had an eight year affair with writer Clive James.

She called him Mr Wolf because of the first time he 'ravished' her when they had sex and he called her Ms Hood, short for Little Red Riding Hood. Apparently they met in a Circular Quay restaurant and Leanne then joined Clive in his hotel room. She returned the following day and told him she was getting divorced. Clive jumped on her immediately.

Each time Clive returned to Sydney they would continue the affair.. Before and after sex they ate Cherry Ripes because James loves them so much. Clive James is 73 and lives in a basement flat in Cambridge after his wife threw him out when she discovered raunchy photos of Leanne on his computer.
 Edelesten says she has spoken up as she is sure the tale is about to be published in the British tabloids.

Geoffrey & new wife Brynne Edelsten
The Twitterati has gone crazy over the tale. One twit said "why is that lady bothering a senior citizen ?" referring to vision on ACA of Leanne confronting Clive at a Cambridge bus stop.

 Watch A Current Affair here.