Monday, April 2, 2012

Madame Arcati & The News Corp Insider

Rumours of her demise were greatly exaggerated. Just a few weeks ago the British blogger Madame Arcati announced her retirement from public life. It was short lived.
Now she is back and has scored an exclusive interview with the former News Of The World chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck.
Thurlbeck has had the privilege of now having his collar felt twice in the Great Hacking Scandal that has made the British publishing world exciting once more.

Read Madame's Thurlbeck interview here.

# Neville Thurlbeck has also joined the blogging world here. It's a good read. Our readers in the UK may be interested in his 2000 Mercedes SL280 that's for sale for £5,999. The same model sells for $27,000  (£17,000) in Australia. Anyone visiting for the London Olympics should snap up the bargain. The Shuttle has shipped an automobile out from the UK before. Freight costs approx $1000. It's easier than you think and pays for the trip !

# On the subject of the late News Of The World, was it Mr Thurlbeck who penned a scurrilous article that appeared about the Shuttle a couple of decades ago ?. On the front page no less and mistaking us for a character of dubious morals with a similar name who hailed from Glasgow ?

They coughed up a tidy sum three weeks later that paid for a holiday to Morocco and a brand new yellow Mini car, dubbed 'Rupert' in the great man's honour.